Join us at 821 Haywood Rd, as Tara Foley and Alex Theodoropulos, the husband and wife team known as Spyrodon, share a musical, fabric, and visuals performance! These two have come down from New York to create a new round of work as our artists-in-residence, and we can’t wait to see what they create for this show!


Join us at the Residency at 821 (821 Haywood Road) for an exhibit by our artist in residence, Wyatt Pottorff.

Opening Reception: June 2nd, 6-9 pm

Casual Viewing: June 3rd and 4th, 1-6 pm

Join us at The Residency at 821 on May 7 at 3 pm for Andrew Weathers’ performance and installation! Over the course of his residency with us, Andrew has walked from our location at 821 Haywood Road to the banks of the French Broad River every day. During those walks, he took field recordings, both of his surroundings and of himself walking, breathing, and singing. He also took photographs which will be on display during his performance. The resulting performance and installation piece is a reflection on space – specifically our own neighborhood and beyond – and on repetition, and on how interacting with our environment over and over impacts us all. We hope you can join us!

Photo credit: Adam Pinnell

On Saturday, April 8, Lamplight AVL will partner with Drop of Sun Studios to Co-Curate the John Cage Room (North Lodge) at Black Mountain College Museum’s annual event, The {Re}HAPPENING!

We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible event. Black Mountain College Museum has been hosting this event for the past eleven years to celebrate the indelible legacy of Black Mountain College. The {Re}HAPPENING is a one-day event at the historic campus of Black Mountain College, 15 minutes from Asheville. It is part art event, part fundraiser, and part community instigator, providing a platform for contemporary artists to share their responses to the vital legacy of Black Mountain College by activating the buildings and grounds of the BMC campus with installations, new media, music, and performance projects.

In the building, you will find installations from some incredible artists. The lineup is below. Come on out and celebrate!


Installation in Room 8: Sound Exploratorium by Drop of Sun Studios

Installation in Room 7: Sunset Surprise by New Psycho Actives, Katrina Ohstrom, Abby Portner, and Swannatopia. This piece premiered at Lamplight AVL’s Residency at 821 in December, 2022.

Installation: Adjacent Rooms Without Time by Brett Naucke.
Note: This piece is actually being presented by the Black Mountain College Museum, but we are including it here for your information since it is in the same building as our other pieces, and because the piece was created and premiered at Lamplight AVL’s Residency at 821 in November, 2022.

3:30pm Performance on the porch. The Big Beautiful Crankie Project. This project was created and premiered at Lamplight AVL’s Residency at 821 in March 2023.

6:00pm Live performance in the main room. Turntable Poetry Recitation with Adam McDaniel & Devyn Marzuola

6:30pm Live performance in the main room. Repeat Until True by Zach Cooper with Zach Cooper & Adam McDaniel

6:55pm Live performance in the main room. Lion Nguyen Duo with Thom Nguyen & Adam Lion

7:58pm Live performance in the main room. Flowerbeds with Matt Schnable, J Seger, Jon Hency

8:40pm Live performance in the main room. Roberto Carlos Lange/Tashi Dorji Duo

9:20pm Live performance in the main room. Unshred by Michael Flanagan

Join us at the Residency at 821, at 821 Haywood Road, on February 4 from 9 am to 5 pm, as Aparna Sud shares the beautiful pieces she has created during her stay as artist-in-residence. Aparna has been exploring style and technique during her stay, and during her exhibition she will be on site to answer questions and discuss her process. We hope you can join us!

Join us at The Residency at 821 (821 Haywood Road) for a performance and “song exploder” style presentation from Sarah McCoy and Shywulf on January 20, 2023, at 7pm. These two have been hard at work during their stay creating new music, and they are ready to showcase their work and share their process with our community. We hope you can join us for this beautiful event!

Join us at the Residency at 821 as our Friends at Make Noise Music host a series of Pop-Ups in conjunction with the release of their with the release of the brand new analog stereo XPO!

Buy an XPO or win one in a raffle benefitting Revolve and the Bob Moog Music Foundation.

More info and event signup at

Make Noise is hosting a Pop-Up event throughout September at The Residency at 821 (821 Haywood Rd., right in front of Drop of Sun Studios) in West Asheville in conjunction with the release of the brand new analog stereo XPO!
This month long residency will include workshops, mini-residencies, and workshops!
The opening party is Sept 9, 6-9 pm. XPO Presentation! Patch a Make Noise System! Drinks from our friends at Devils Foot and Visuals

Masks Required. More info and event Signup at

Lamplight AVL has teamed up with a fiscal sponsor!

While we work to complete our nonprofit status, we feel so lucky to have partnered with Weathervane Music, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance independent art and music and the communities that surround them.

Weathervane builds community through the practice of supporting, engaging with, and creating music through world renowned series like Shaking Through and The Recorders Club. Weathervane’s focus on community building, practice of lifting up emerging artists, and collaboration with Miner Street Recording studios all make them the perfect fit for Lamplight AVL. Their expertise and insight has been invaluable to us as we sculpt our mission and chart our path forward


In the spring of 2022, Lamplight AVL launched its first program, The Residency at 821. This program allows local and visiting artists of any discipline to live in the residency space and create new work for periods of up to 28 days. To start, the artists’ use of the space is fully funded by donor contributions, though eventually Lamplight AVL aims to also provide a stipend to cover their living expenses as well. 

During their stay, artists in residence may create whatever they wish. The only requirement is that all artists share their work publicly in some form during their stay. These public showings, which have included sound and video installations, musical performances, classes, demonstrations, painting shows, puppet shows, and more, have already drawn wide attendance in Asheville. 

The residency space is simple in nature, but true to Lamplight AVL’s ethos, it is comfortable, warm and welcoming, with an accommodating kitchenette and full bathroom. It is in the same building as Adam and Emily’s recording studio, Drop of Sun Studios, though for the sake of the artist residents it is totally separate from it as well. 

Among other things, Lamplight AVL is truly filling a gap in public artistic gatherings that arose after many local art spaces closed during the pandemic.  Learn more about the residency here