Time Is Fake Swan Pond on 103.3 Streaming Thru Dec. 30

Listen in! Click HERE to listen to the full show on the archives from December 16, or scroll down to “Playlists” for a scrollable version of the show!

Swannatopia, our current artists in residence, have partnered with 103.3 Asheville fm this month! Bill and Jess from 103.3 captured live audio from their Opening Extravaganza and paired it with a call-in hotline called Time is Fake. It aired on December 16 on Bill’s Show, By All Means Necessary. The show features audio from the full Swannatopia show, including Pheribee’s live-scored Cakewalk, MAD’s live-scored Puppet Show, Hotline 123, Leeann Pepper’s sound bath, and tracks from the recent release from the New Psychoactives!