Radio Interview! Lindsay Mercer | October 11 1-2pm 103.3 Asheville fm

Our current resident, Lindsay Mercer, is hard at work building their new show in the residency. They will be talking to Jess Speer of our beloved local radio station, 103.3 Asheville fm, about her work, on October 11 from 1 til 2 pm. Listen in to hear more about their upcoming show!

Lindsay Mercer sews, prints, and builds small quiet homes. Fabric safekept by friends and reclaimed from dumpsters and mud puddles becomes the walls and windowsills that frame delicate broken glass and greased paper windows. Glass is broken, but mended as well as needle and thread can manage. Paper is toughened by drenching it in grease until the opaque becomes a murky translucent glow. They build homes of empathy, both fragile and resilient.

Dedicated to the art of oral histories and home building, Lindsay is in the continual process of learning what it means to be a country queer in the world today.