Lamplight AVL Announces First Program: The Residency at 821

In the spring of 2022, Lamplight AVL launched its first program, The Residency at 821. This program allows local and visiting artists of any discipline to live in the residency space and create new work for periods of up to 28 days. To start, the artists’ use of the space is fully funded by donor contributions, though eventually Lamplight AVL aims to also provide a stipend to cover their living expenses as well. 

During their stay, artists in residence may create whatever they wish. The only requirement is that all artists share their work publicly in some form during their stay. These public showings, which have included sound and video installations, musical performances, classes, demonstrations, painting shows, puppet shows, and more, have already drawn wide attendance in Asheville. 

The residency space is simple in nature, but true to Lamplight AVL’s ethos, it is comfortable, warm and welcoming, with an accommodating kitchenette and full bathroom. It is in the same building as Adam and Emily’s recording studio, Drop of Sun Studios, though for the sake of the artist residents it is totally separate from it as well. 

Among other things, Lamplight AVL is truly filling a gap in public artistic gatherings that arose after many local art spaces closed during the pandemic.  Learn more about the residency here