Installation Viewing: Chris Hamilton, Radio Infrequencies | Aug 11, 12, 16, 17, 25, 26 7-11 pm

Swing by to check out Chris Hamilton’s Installation, Radio Infrequencies, at open studio hours, 821 Haywood Road!

Radio Infrequencies – Unfurling
Radio Infrequencies will be presented as an interactive sound work. Primary materials will consist of 100+ tabletop radios, 4 short-range radio broadcasting units, and ~60 outlet timers. Visitors will be able to engage with the radios and other sonic elements.
The radios will be used in sculptural and distributed forms to explore multi-channel audio presentation of noise, public radio broadcast content, and curated audio content broadcast on short-range radio transmitters. Modes of exploration will include rhythm and syncopation, drone, spatial shapes, and spatial motion through use of outlet timers. The installation will be modified over the course of the residency to explore a variety of sculptural and conceptual ideas.